Wednesday, 19 February 2014

International tug-of-war day

This is a different yet interesting day, international tug-of-war day! The tug-of-war dates back to centuries ago, a simple sport and a way of resolving ownership disputes over food and clothing, with imagery of people pulling in opposite directions being found on stone carvings, and in ancient texts and legends. The sport appears to have been practiced in Egypt, Greece and China, coming out of a legend that the sun and moon played tug-of-war over light and darkness. The Vikings even used animal skins stretched over a fire pit… lovely! 

Today, many countries have their own tug-of-war governing bodies, with regular competitions and 'pulls' often a regular thing to be found at fairs and festivals. There is in fact a tug-of-war federation affiliated club in Milton Keynes if you feel so inclined as to get involved, "Triple F TOWC", who knew!  

Tug-of-war seems more of a summer sport, the idea of trying it in the muddy, boggy fields at the moment I can imagine wouldn't get you very far, but then it is international tug-of-war day, so maybe it is worth a shot?! You can come to your own conclusions on that one...

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