Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Chocolate covered peanuts day

Possibly one of the stranger food-themed days, chocolate covered peanuts day is here! I'm not sure if I've even tasted chocolate covered peanuts, let alone celebrated their 'day', but getting into the spirit of these days until we find one we recognise (come on pancake day!) let's go with it!

Apparently these snacks are pretty easy to make, melt some chocolate and chuck in some peanuts, and I guess depending on the type of peanuts you decide to buy you could quite nicely come up with some different flavours. For example, mixing salted peanuts with milk chocolate would give you that classic salted chocolate taste, or even honey roasted peanuts and milk or dark chocolate for more of a salted caramel flavour. I'm not too sure I like the sound of peanuts covered in white chocolate, but each to their own, it's probably worth a try! As I'm sure you can imagine, this day is believed to have originated in the US, with the first chocolate-covered nuts being sold commercially in America back in 1925, so it's probably about time you tried some if you haven't yet! Enjoy!

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