Wednesday, 11 March 2015

REVIEW: To Kill A Mockingbird at MK Theatre

Production truly brings the classic novel to life on stage

To Kill A Mockingbird is at MK Theatre until March 14. 

The book has delighted fans for generations, and now there’s a play to keep audiences entertained. For those of us who loved To Kill A Mockingbird from our school days, you do feel a little apprehensive about seeing the production. Could it possibly do the novel justice? 
But you don’t need to be concerned. The play is firmly rooted in the book and pays homage to the beautiful words of Harper Lee, truly bringing the tale to life on stage. Even if you don’t know the book firsthand, the themes of racial prejudice and fighting for what you believe are still relevant today. 
To Kill A Mockingbird follows the story of a black man wrongly accused of rape in a close-knit Southern community, all told through the eyes of a child. The three children, Rosie Boore, Billy Price and Milo Panni, were excellent in their observations of the adults’ behaviour. 
Overall, the cast was brilliant, but a special mention should go to Daniel Betts, who played one of the most famous characters in English literature and the moral compass of the story, Atticus. As he says, “you never really know a man until you stand in his shoes.”
A wonderful evening. Until Saturday. 


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