Monday, 23 March 2015

Five Guys in Milton Keynes

If you've been to America you'll have probably come across Five Guys, a burger restuarant which uses fresh ingredients and peanut oil and gives you 250,000 different ways of ordering a burger.

Starting as a family business, with five sons, Five Guys began in Washington DC in 1986.
Today there are currently 20 restaurants open in the UK, with lots more coming soon, and most interestingly to us, one looks set to come to Milton Keynes.

Not to be compared to the fast food burger chains of McDonalds and Burger King, probably the closest comparison would be GBK (Gourmet burger kitchen) which is situated in the Hub in Milton Keynes.

To add to the variety of recent updates and additions to Milton Keynes, the addition of a Five Guys when there are currently so few in the UK makes the city stand out yet again. As well as this, Milton Keynes is home to the only Banana Tree restaurant outside of London, and the only Byron Burger in Buckinghamshire, making it quite a home to a number of up-and-coming names.

Five Guys has a unique way of ordering as well as uniquely fresh ingredients. It allows you to choose the size of burger you want (and is one of the few places you can order a small and still be full!) and then customise the fillings and sauces, similarly to the way you build a sandwich in Subway, but with potentially even more choices.

It's very early days so there's no plans set in stone yet, but it looks like the restaurant will be added to the already wide selection of restaurants at Xscape in the city centre, so keep an eye on our blog for any more updates.

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