Monday, 9 March 2015

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

If you haven't got round to getting your mum a gift for mothers day, don't panic, you've still got time and we've got a few ideas for you... If you've got a copy of this month's Phonebox magazine, flick to pages 34-35 to get some great inspiration for mother's day gifts, many of which you can buy locally...

Personalised and handmade gifts always have that certain special touch, and homemade gifts can also help when there isn't much money to be spared. Gifts don't have to necessarily be material, why not treat your mum to a nice meal, or a day trip out. If you're the artistic type you could sew, paint or create something really unique for your Mum this year.

If all else fails, chocolates or flowers (or both!) tend to go down well, and if your Mum's a gardening fan then why not get a potted plant or even seeds as a twist on buying flowers, that way they'll last and will be a constant reminder of the gift you gave her.

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