Thursday, 25 September 2014

Take that, Take That....

For the band which has been through more changes than Katy Perry's hair colour, Take That are heading through yet another change in structure, with the announcement that Jason Orange is leaving the band. For many, keeping up with the comings and goings of the band has become all too much and Take That remain a memory in the past, yet for others, this will come as devastating news.

Having jumped into the charts in the early 1990s, Take That have been one of the most successful British bands ever, with 11 singles reaching number 1 in the charts. 1995 saw Robbie Williams leave the group, bringing the number down to four, and then in 1996 Take That announced they were splitting up. 2005 saw them back on the scene, however, when they released a greatest hits album, followed by an ITV documentary and then a comeback album, Beautiful world. This return to the spotlight left many fans wondering if they were going to be true to their lyrics and be Back for Good this time. Following the success of this album, they'd have been silly not to make the most of being back in the limelight, and in 2011 their Progress Stadium tour featured the return of Robbie Williams and became the most successful in UK and Irish history, selling a huge 1.34 million tickets in under 24 hours.

Jason Orange was apparently recruited initially for his good looks and dancing ability, and didn't actually sing or play an instrument on their first albums, but eventually ended up singing lead on Wooden Boat, the final track on the Beautiful World album. However, despite the long journey of Take That (and maybe because of this long journey) Orange has called time on his role in the band, saying he simply doesn't want to do it anymore. You might have thought that this would bring a natural end to the band's career, but the remaining three members have vowed to go on, in the words of U2, With or without you. 

We're sure many fans will be left in tears following this breakdancing hunk leaving the band, but keep your eyes and ears open, who know's what he'll be going on to next... 

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