Sunday, 14 September 2014

Downton Abbey is back again!

Downton Abbey is loved by many, but has possibly fallen somewhat in the opinions of some since it began following a rather dismal and depressing last couple of series. Following the sudden death of Matthew Crawley at the end of the Christmas episode in 2013 there was affair bit of negativity towards the show for killing off one of the 'favourites', and I'm not sure anyone completely recovered from the dramatic turn of events. Series four then picked up six months after Matthew's death, and had a somewhat slow and unhappy start. Let's see if they can turn it around a bit after the last series seemed to go down well, but didn't have such raving reviews as it maybe used to.

It does look like better things are in store for us with the upcoming season 5, which starts this time next week, Sunday 21st September at 9pm. There are a number of new characters to be seen and, of course, numerous jaw-dropping dramas. Watch the trailer below if you're after a taste of the action before Sunday night, and you'll see a few snapshot of the events coming our way this series! 

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