Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Get your photo taken with the Rugby world Cup trophy!

The rugby world cup is launching today with an event in Middleton Hall, centre:mk. 'Too big to miss' is coming to the centre:mk from 9am-6pm. There will be the opportunity to have your photo taken with the Trophy from 12.30pm. There'll be rugby-based interactive activities and games where you can test out your skills, competitions and you'll also be able to meet local clubs. Find out more information about the upcoming rugby world cup, including ticket information. Tickets are on sale from 12th-29th September, and it's not a first-come-first-served basis, simply sign up for the matches you want and if over subscribed the tickets will be balloted out to ensure the distribution of tickets is as fair as possible.

Get the Stadium MK dates in your diary now!
01/10 - 20:00France
Cat ACat BCat C(Child)Cat D(Child)
03/10 - 14:30Samoa
Cat ACat BCat C(Child)Cat D(Child)
06/10 - 20:00Fiji
Play-Off WinnerStadiummk
Cat ACat BCat C(Child)Cat D(Child)

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