Saturday, 2 August 2014

Rock with BOFF

The highly anticipated Rock with BOFF is now halfway through the heats, looking for the best local talent to be involved in the Big Olney Food Festival next year. It's been an exciting event so far, and there are more heats tomorrow, followed by the 10th and 17th August, with semi-finals on the 25th August and the finals being held at this year's Big Olney Food Festival on the 7th September.

The competition is fierce, with the exciting prize of four hours recording time at Eastwood studios, which will then be mastered and polished by Neume and the recorded song will be aired on Secklow Sounds radio station. Not forgetting they will also get a paid spot at the Big Olney Food Festival 2015.

The acts which have got through the heats so far include: George Baines, The Imprint, Ali in the Jungle, George and the Giant Peach, Judecca Nights, Tess and the Durbervilles, George Smith, Jordan, George and his buddies, Lana, Siobhan and the Dysfunctional Duo... We're excited to see so much local talent getting involved, and can't wait to see who else qualifies and ultimately who comes out the winner at the final- watch this space!

Head on over to the Two Brewers in Olney at 8pm on the 3rd, 10th and 17th of August to see the next qualifying heats, and then again at the Two Brewers on Monday 25th for the semi-finals; you're sure to be well-entertained!

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