Thursday, 7 August 2014

'Be a friend' - new campaign launches today!

The 'Be a friend' campaign was launched today, and is an aim to help change the future of loneliness. Friends of the Elderly are calling everyone to 'Be a friend' in a number of simple ways. It is predicted that over five million older people are affected by loneliness today and the number is sadly on the rise. Loneliness can cause depression, whig can lead to a poorer quality of life and higher mortality rate, and yet simple daily interactions with others can significantly combat this.

This is why Friends of the Elderly have launched the 'Be a friend' campaign, which encourages people to promise to do a small act of kindness for an older person in order to help combat loneliness. These things range from promising to treat every older person you meet with respect, to helping with shopping to teaching an older person how to use a piece of technology. People can also create their own promises, and so far today over 280 people have pledged to help change the future of loneliness.

The Prime Minister today praised Friends of the Elderly for the 'Be a friend' campaign, and wished it every success, noting the good work they are doing and encouraging others to do.

The campaign is taking off, will you get involved?

Find out more at  and watch the video below

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