Thursday, 5 June 2014

Shock weather reports...

Firstly, when is British weather ever a shock?! The variety of unexpected and erratic weather we get every day should have made us un-shockable by now, you'd think, but it seems not. Reading the latest news reports, I'm beginning to see why, this weather really does seem quite shocking.
Always ones to over-estimate the weather predictions, the forecast tends to be a lot worse than the reality. However, following the stormy and extreme floods this winter, I'm feeling more inclined to pay attention...

So what are they expecting? Well, cricket ball-sized hail stones and tornadoes are the more extreme predictions, the worst hailstones in 170 years, apparently. The weekend is meant to be the start of the bad weather, with hot temperatures heading our way over the next couple of weeks, apparently we'll get little sun and lots of storms. Such a warning is more than a little daunting, yet I'm hoping for the temperature predictions to be true and the rain and storms to stay well away! We've got some sunshine apparently heading our way tomorrow at least, so make sure you make the most of it, just incase they are right, but maybe keep your umbrellas and wellies to hand for the following few days!

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