Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Do you love the Royals?

If you are one of those camped outside the next known location of a royal visit and know the royal news before anyone else seems to, you may well call yourself a royalist. The term ‘royalist’ means to support a particular monarch or head of state, and although Kate Middleton isn’t Queen, many would today state that they are royalists due to being a particular fan of her. Interest and support of the royal family has always been there, but also peaks and dips at certain times. The wedding of Prince William and Kate was one of the more dramatic peaks, and now it seems Kate has her very own following. Her Royal engagements always see her being well received, and her recent visit to Bletchely Park was no exception. Kate was invited to re-open Bletchely Park, following an £8 million renovation project. As always, she greeted the public with smiles, and received flowers from children. Maybe the fact that she is not from royal birth makes her more relatable to the public, or is it actually a misconception that she is more loved by the public than the other royals?  

Despite this apparent love for Kate, both in the public and in the media, it seems her husband is actually the Nation’s favourite royal. A recent survey of ‘Britain’s favourite faces’ was answered by over 2000 people, and found that 68% of people expressed a ‘favourable’ view of Prince William, coming above the Queen who got 63%. The royal family as a whole came up far above many other faces of Britain, with the closest person to a regal score being Brian Johnson at 41%. So the question is why: do we like the idea of the royal family, or is it what they do that gets our support? Obviously everyone isn’t in the same boat with their support for the royals, but the whole country getting a bank holiday for the royal wedding probably gained them a few more.

What do you think?... 

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