Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Review: Fat Friends The Musical at Milton Keynes Theatre

This week, Key Mellor’s Fat Friends The Musical is at MK Theatre until Saturday 10th March. The story follows Kelly (played by Jodie Prenger) along with her friends and family (Kelly’s mum is played by 2013’s X-Factor winner Sam Bailey) as her wedding day draws closer and she cannot fit into her dream dress. Kelly buys the dress anyway and then latching onto the publicity, local slimming club owner, Julia Fleshman offers to pay for the dress if Kelly follows her plan and fits into the dress – in just six weeks! Mischief ensues as we follow the group leading up to the big day.

I haven’t seen the television series, but I can imagine it is relatable and rather funny to watch the oddball group of friends from Headingly as they drool over battered cod and chips whilst removing as many layers of clothing as possible before standing on the scales for the weekly weigh-in!

This musical was quite fun and an entertaining evening, however unfortunately for me, I just couldn’t click with plot or the characters! I felt it was a little tedious. The stage set was well done - simple, colourful street design which transformed into the inside of each shop. As well as excellent sound and lighting which is always the case at MK Theatre. The acting, singing and dancing was good especially Jodie Prenger’s solos but I felt that the songs didn’t give her chance to show us what she’s really made of. Also a fab performance from Rachel Wooding as Kelly’s rude, insufferable sister. The music was easy listening with some laugh out loud lyrics and dance moves in parts but not catchy and I can’t say I could remember any of the tunes or lyrics once we left the theatre. The characters themselves were funny, relatable and normal people but I wonder if this should have stopped on the television or maybe a feature length comedy film – just not sure if it works as a musical.

That being said, we had a fun evening and there was some seriously good talent up on the stage and a fantastic job from the live orchestra.

For tickets, and to decide for yourselves on this one, visit www.atgtickets.com

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