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Review: Crazy For You at Milton Keynes Theatre

Crazy For You at Milton Keynes Theatre

Tuesday 20th March 2017

Crazy for You tells the story of Bobby who, despite working for the family’s bank, would rather be a Broadway star. After being sent to close a failing theatre down in Deadrock, Nevada, he falls in love with the owners daughter, Polly, and tries to save the theatre by putting on the greatest show of all time.

Charlotte Wakefield who played Polly was brilliant. She portrayed the character well and I believe she was the best singer on stage. However, all the singing was excellent and the songs were very catchy and had good narrative. I’m not quite sure where the two hotel reviewers fitted in, and don’t think they added anything to the story.

The set was ok with not much changing from scene to scene. Visually, this got a bit boring towards the end but the amount of action and dancing on the stage made up for this.

I particularly enjoyed the fact that all the actors also were the orchestra and all the music was played live on stage and became part of the performance but I expected more from the big finale that I think could have lasted longer.

Crazy for You is on at Milton Keynes Theatre until Saturday 24th March. For more information and tickets, go to

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