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REVIEW: Lord of the Dance Dangerous Games at MK Theatre

Lord of the Dance Dangerous Games at MK Theatre

4th April 2017


Having only seen bits of River Dance when the show originally became famous, I was wondering how they would fill two hours with Irish dancing without the audience getting bored or the show becoming a bit repetitive.

The basic story of Dangerous Games is a tale of good versus evil. The Lord of the Dance represents all things good but has to fight against the evil Dark Lord and his Dark Disciples. This story telling seemed to be lacking in the first half of the show, which consisted of several dance scenes that didn’t appear to link together apart from the Little Spirit character that would appear now and again. There were also a couple of bits of singing, but again, these didn’t seem to fit in with the rest of it. The second half was better and seemed to tell much more of a story and it was easier to follow each dance act as they flowed together.

Despite the confused story telling, the performances from each character were very good and exactly what you’d expect from a Michael Flatley show with plenty of dancing and variations on the classic River Dance theme which kept the attention of the audience throughout.

The stage had no decoration, however a large screen filled the back of the stage and the images being projected onto this changed with each dance scene. Although the visuals looked dated, it gave more atmosphere and effect and portrayed the mood of the dances well.

Overall, a bit of a confusing start but it redeemed itself in the end.

On at Milton Keynes Theatre until Sunday 9th April. Tickets from or telephone 0844 871 7652 (booking fee applies)

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