Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner!

You’re in for a delight at MK theatre this week, where you will be transported back to the summer of ’63 with the classic story of Dirty Dancing adapted for the stage.
The stage set was sublime – 3 key pieces that twisted and turned to transport you across the Kellerman Resort as we follow Baby, Johnny and friends on their whirlwind dancing shenanigans. Couple that with excellent lighting and some special effects you’ll be hooked from start to finish.
I can’t quite believe how perfect the casting was, the characters were uncannily like the leads from the original movie (Baby, Johnny and Billy especially). So many of us are fond of the movie, knowing the famous phrases and words to most of the songs, that it was great to be so familiar with the stage performance even though we hadn’t seen it before. And yes, she carries a watermelon!
A bit of eye candy for the ladies when we see more than we bargained for from Johnny and then the final scene where they make the lift perfectly had the audience cheering.
Dirty Dancing runs until 29th April at Milton Keynes Theatre

You will not want to miss this one. Tickets available from www.atgtickets.com

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