Tuesday, 16 June 2015

THEATRE REVIEW: Spamalot at MK Theatre

Python 'rip-off' is full of twists, laughs and silliness

These monks are struggling to look on the bright side - Spamalot is at MK Theatre until Saturday. 

The UK tour of Spamalot is at MK Theatre this week, with a host of stars to entertain the Milton Keynes audience.

Last night’s rendition of the musical comedy, lovingly ‘ripped off’ from Monty Python and The Holy Grail, was almost as funny as the original. Recounting the legendary tale of King Arthur and his knights of the Round Table, it follows the Royal as he goes on an extremely unusual quest. 

Playing the king is comedian Joe Pasquale, who brought his personality to the role with hilarious off-script moments, while Joe Tracini of Hollyoaks fame was wonderfully cast as Patsy. Phonebox's June interview Sarah Earnshaw supported as The Lady of the Lake.

The second act was stronger than the first, with the tale getting sillier and sillier, with hilarious twists and fun disasters along the way. Highlights included the the French soldier's comments to King Arthur (“Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!”) and the knight who continued to fight, despite having all his limbs cut off. The cast and audience even came together for a rendition of Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life, which was a great moment.

The audience laughed and chuckled throughout the evening, and many were up on their feet clapping at the end. If you’re a Python fan, Spamalot is definitely for you.

Until Saturday, June 20th. 


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