Wednesday, 25 February 2015

THEATRE REVIEW: Saturday Night Fever at MK Theatre

Classic musical lacks that special sparkle

Staying alive - The cast of Saturday Night Fever strutting their stuff. 

Bursting with arguments, swearing and fighting, Saturday Night Fever even has a suicide for good measure. If you're expecting a cheerful story of 1970s New York then prepare to be disappointed - Grease this is not!

The infamous musical tells the story of Tony Manero, a man who is struggling to make a name for himself on the dance scene. True to the dark side of the original film, starring John Travolta, the stage show at MK Theatre until Saturday (28th) recreates the hit that became a household name across the world.

So what is good about this production? The dancing was superb, but you did feel as if the cast were happiest after the bows, when they sang the classic hits the audience had been craving all along. I dare say I'm not alone in my desire to hear the Bee Gee songs, and they re-arranged them with mixed success. 

The show's characters struggled to come across on stage, and it was difficult to engage with any of them and allow this reviewer to be pulled into the story. Danny Bayne may have a long successful history with Travolta roles, but he didn't quite fit the dancing shoes this time around.

However, notable performers included Cesar (Michael Stewart) and Maria (Lauren McCabe). 
The gritty musical fell flat in a lot of places, particularly at half time when it stopped abruptly to no real affect. The ending too was disappointingly sudden. 
The show had all the makings of a first year performing arts concert, but lacked the special something that is worthy of a national tour. This was making a musical for the sake of it. Shame!


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