Thursday, 12 February 2015

Last minute Valentines...

February always seems to fly by, so if you've been caught unawares by Valentines this year, we've got some last-ditch attempts to (help!) save you! Whether you've just been rushed off your feet, are a bit short on cash, ordered something online which hasn't arrived in time, or, let's face it, you just plain old forgot, we've got a few ideas left up our sleeves to help save you from trouble!

  • Cook up a storm: Can't afford those hiked up Valentines day prices, or just don't fancy the busy restaurant scene? Then why not cook something from home. Get some candles on the table and cook a couple of courses, however basic your cooking skills are you'll be sure to master something. If cooking isn't usually your forte and you take the effort to cook for your date, chances are they'll be pleasantly surprised and it'll be even more appreciated than a meal out... unless it tastes bad that is, maybe give it a try before you serve it up!
  • Get creative: There are a number of gift ideas which you might find on some quite expensive sites, where they offer personalised posters and cards. A lovely gift idea, but probably one you could make for yourself. All you need is a computer/laptop or probably even a mobile app, and you can use some quirky and fun fonts and colours to create a really nice poster, personalised however you want it, pretty much for free (apart from the paper and ink). Head to a supermarket or homestore and buy a frame, and they'll never know it didn't cost the earth. 
  • Brave the shops: It might be that you hate the shops, but you do still have time to make it in and out alive! If you think creatively you might even get away with visiting the 24 hour Asda!
  • Chocolate: For men and women alike, chocolate is generally a safe bet. Plus, you can grab it while doing your food shop, nice and easy and sure to be appreciated (unless they don't like chocolate, of course!)
  • Flowers: You need to get them fresh anyway so you can't be accused of not being prepared (even if you weren't) and they're a pretty safe bet, even for the men (although maybe not the most masculine of ideas)
  • IOU?: If all else fails and you don't get round to getting anything or the inspiration is lacking, write them out an IOU, and if it's for something like a day trip, weekend away or something similar, it's a fair excuse for not providing anything much on the day!
Valentines day is a created holiday, arguably to grab our money but also a nice excuse to show someone you love them. Of course don't feel pressured into taking part, and if you're single this Valentines, make the most of that reduced chocolate the day after and hold a chocolate party with your friends! 

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