Saturday, 29 November 2014

Think Local: Small Business Saturday - 6th December

You'll have heard of the American phenomenon 'Black Friday' which has become more prominent in the UK over the last couple of years, and maybe even 'Cyber Monday', but have you heard of 'Small Business Saturday'? Held on the first Saturday following Thanksgiving in America, Small Business Saturday aims to support, inspire and promote small businesses, not just on the day but beyond.

The initiative started in America in 2010, and has since then generated a great amount of custom for small businesses, and now it's come to the UK on the 6th December, to hopefully do the same for shops and small businesses here. Small businesses in the UK provide almost two thirds of the private sector employment and almost half of public sector turnover. From this it is clear that they are a great asset to the community and economy as a whole, and therefore it is important to ensure that small business owners are supported, and that shoppers are encouraged to visit such shops.

This year, Small Business Saturday will be held on the 6th December, one of the UK's busiest shopping days. A grass-roots, non-commercial, and non-political campaign, Small Business Saturday aims to encourage consumers to shop locally and therefore support small businesses in their communities while finding some unique Christmas gifts.

Supporters of Small Business Saturday range from Amex to David Cameron, o2 to Ingenious Britain, the small business champions, all encouraging shoppers to give small businesses a chance. We at the Phonebox know the importance of supporting local businesses, and know that for many people, once they've tried shopping locally they often stick to it. Small businesses play a key role in keeping the charm and personality of many villages, towns and cites, as well as helping build a sense of community.

There are a large number of local and small businesses in our area which would benefit from us all taking the 6th December as an opportunity to shop locally. In Olney, Newport Pagnell and the surrounding areas, there are many businesses which provide great quality products. Why not make a day of it on the 6th and enjoy some scenic, small business shopping? We'll be looking more at Small Business Saturday later in the week, and how you can get the most out of the small businesses near you this Christmas-time.

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