Friday, 21 November 2014

GP surgery ratings- How does your surgery compare?

Recent findings have been published online regarding the rating of GP surgeries. Nationwide rankings have been collected and compared, allowing patients to see how their surgery compares to others in the area. We decided to have a look at how some of the GP surgeries in the Olney area had rated...

[The percentage is the proportion of patients who would recommend the surgery, and some of the surgeries also have a 'band' to rate them overall, from data published by the Care Qulaity Commission (CQC), with band 6 being the highest (best rated) and band 1 the lowest.]

Cobbs Garden Surgery, Olney: Band 4, 96.1% - Among the best

Newport Pagnell medical centre: 80.2%

Denton Village surgery: Band 6, 89.1%- Among the best  

Harrold Medical Practice: Band 6, 80.5%

Kingfisher Surgery, Newport Pagnell: Band 1, 34.2% - The worst

Wollaston surgery: Band 6, 67.2% - Among the worst in percentage but among the best in the banding.

It's interesting to see how your surgery compares to others in the area. Equally, if you are looking for a new surgery to attend then this can be a particularly useful tool in helping you make an informed decision.

If you want to have a more detailed look, the percentage ratings were taken from the NHS website, and the bands can be found on the Care Quality Commission website.

Do these ratings surprise you at all? How does your surgery compare?


  1. Odd rating system? Harrold Band 6, 80.5% compare with Olney Band 4 96.1% ......?

  2. I agree Nigel, however, the percentage is the patient's rating, whereas the banding is the rating from the CQC, although I do agree you would expect them to be much more similar. I suppose it depends on who fills out the surveys!