Monday, 7 July 2014

What is 'bubble tea'?

'Bubble tea' has existed since the 1980's in Taiwan, but has only been introduced in the last few years to the UK. It first came to London, and in the last couple of months the phenomenon has arrived here in Milton Keynes.

What is Bubble Tea?

Basically, it's a cold, flavoured, tea drink with chewy bits in the bottom. That description a bit vague for you? Let's try the long one...

The flavoured tea bit is the same, the bit which may need a bit of explaining are the squishy, edible balls at the bottom of the drink! These are tapioca balls (sometimes referred to as 'pearls' or 'boba') and they come in a variety of flavours, sit at the bottom of your drink and are sucked up through a big fat straw. The tea is shaken when made, creating thousands of tiny bubbles on the top, hence the name.

The drinks come in milky or fruity varieties, with many flavours to choose from of both the drink and tapioca/boba balls, making a huge number of possible variations. The balls are small enough to be sucked through a thick straw, but big enough to contain a good amount of flavouring; so that when you bite into it you get a shot of flavour in your mouth! They've got the texture of bath pearls, but don't let that put you off, the taste is great!

These drinks are something of a novelty at the moment, and as result are quite pricey, but are definitely worth a try. There's a lot of natural goodness in these (and a whole load of sugar too I expect) such as tapioca, taro, jelly made from coconut, aloe vera and more!

The new 'bubble heaven' stand has opened in centre:mk and is situated just outside bhs and blue inc. Why not give it a try?!

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