Sunday, 27 July 2014

Au revoir MKIF 2014!

Today brings us to the end of the Milton Keynes International Festival, and what a great 10 days it has been! We hope you were able to get along to one of the many events that have been on offer throughout the festival, and made the most of the great weather we've had for it!

One of the highlights for many was the 'Iltopie: Fous de Bassin' (water fools), where Willen Lake was lit up with fire and taken over by people and vehicles walking across the water. There was a bit of confusion with seating, it turned out you didn't really need a ticket to see the show, and yet some who had bought tickets ended up sitting where they could hardly see. Despite that, and the thunderstorms which took place during the shows (adding to the effects!), it was a great event, something unusual and definitely not something you see everyday- showing a good example of what the international festival has been about. It was an interesting show, especially when the car caught fire and people were voicing questions of whether it was meant to happen or not! (don't worry, it was!)

This was just one of the many events which was part of the festival, and there were lots of other amazing events and activities taking place. Gigs in the Spiegeltent have been sold out for much of the festival, and the Architects of Air's Pentalum in Middleton Hall has been popular throughout, drawing large crowds to both visit and enjoy music and classes within the luminarium. The lock shift songs is another of the more bizarre parts to the festival (although it's all a bit quirky really!) and has also been particularly popular with shoppers in centre:mk. If you haven't managed to pay it a visit, it's there today as well so do pop by if you are in the centre! Have a look at the official website to what what else is still on today if you fancy getting involved for the last few hours of the festival!

We hope you enjoyed this year's International Festival, we at the Phonebox Magazine certainly did and we can't wait to see what will be in store for next year!

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