Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Review: Flashdance The Musical at Milton Keynes Theatre

Who doesn’t love an 80’s classic filled with some foot-tapping and all-out-maniac-dancing? Flashdance The Musical is at Milton Keynes Theatre this week until 21st July and it won’t disappoint you.

Based on the 1983 smash hit movie, Flashdance starring Jennifer Beals as Alex. The story follows Alex Owens (Strictly’s Joanne Clifton), welder-by-day, exotic-dancer-by-night on her mission to get into a real dance company. Along the way, we meet her boss/boyfriend Nick Hurley (Ben Adams of boyband A1) and her colleagues and friends as they cope with their own struggles and successes.

It’s a fantastic feel-good story with a classic moral of just going for it – follow your dreams. Joanne Clifton is utterly incredible with some of the most energetic dance routines I’ve seen. The whole cast and ensemble were brilliant and it was a thoroughly enjoyable show to watch. I did feel that the show had a few slow-burning filler scenes that it could have done without and I wasn’t a fan of the American accents – can we just have English accents?! That being said, the show more than makes up for it with lots of great scenes with songs such as Maniac, What A Feeling, Gloria and I Love Rock And Roll and of course the iconic scene with the water. I wish that scene was a bit longer with more build up – seemed to be over quite quickly but it was still fantastic.

The stage set was really interesting and forever moving around which kept the audience on its toes. There were also some awesome 80’s outfits!

The show ended with a full audience standing ovation, lots of clapping and a boogie whilst they did a few super-energetic and encores!

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