Tuesday, 25 July 2017

A Judgement in Stone

This play is from one of Ruth Rendell`s best novels and if you like a traditional who dunnit then you won`t be disappointed. The story is very much of its time being set in the 1970s however it feels more set in the 1940`s with themes that just wouldn`t wash today. It certainly harks back to a time of inequality and class division. 
That aside it was a competent portrayal. The setting is a country house with a well to do family, the Coverdales who are all suddenly murdered. Who did it and why. There are of course the usual array of suspects who all could have some sort of motive and when the end came it was quite fast and almost unbelievable. As senseless murders go then this was top of the list. 
The cast were, as to be expected from this set of esteemed actors, word perfect and competent. There were many flashes of humour particularly from the rather bizarre character Joan Smith the post lady played by Deborah Grant. 
The set is a simple one with all the action set in the one scene. The story is mostly told in flashback with the detectives acting as the cohesive element explaining and bringing the story together. There was a good attention to detail in the set with various technology and items from the 1970s which some of us can vaguely remember such as the cassette recorder, the old dial telephone and the traditional hoover. The audience seemed positively charmed by these memories.
If you want to sit back and be entertained by a traditional whodunnit then Judgement in Stone is on at MK Theatre until the 29th July.
Tickets from www.atgtickets.com or telephone 0844 871 7652 (booking fee applies)

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