Wednesday, 24 February 2016

REVIEW: An Inspector Calls at MK Theatre

An Inspector Calls

Directed by Stephen Daldry, An Inspector Calls was powerful, stunning and brilliantly performed. Its power to shock and convince runs throughout the performance, and the audience were literally sat open-mouthed at certain points of the show… Some which quite literally went ‘bang’!

The set was absolutely amazing, with the cast so in-tune with their positioning on stage. There were some very memorable moments, mainly because of such a unique, astounding set accompanied by very appropriate lighting and music which added to the mystery of the production.

Usually there are one or two cast members that really stand out in a performance, but with this one it really is difficult to say. They were all so fantastic and believable. Caroline Wildi - who plays Sybil Birling and has been in various television programmes and films such as Harry Potter - acted brilliantly alongside Geoff Leesley, cast as Arthur Birling. The Inspector himself, played by Liam Brennan, was quite eerie and spooky at times – exactly how he needs to be for his role as Inspector Goole. 

With such unexpected twists and fantastic acting, JB Priestley’s classic thriller, An Inspector Calls, isn’t one to miss.

An Inspector Calls is running from Tuesday 23rd – Saturday 27th February
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